Manifesto – Startup Journey

What I believe in the future:

  • The world need more Problem Solvers: Engineers, Scientist and Entrepreneurs
  • Salesforce-less, lesser repeated task base job
  • Happiness / achievement is defined by how much innovation can a person bring to the world

There are 7 billion populations in the world and problems are everywhere. It causes sadness moment for everybody. We should be act on it to solve the problems.

Business model generation, technology breakthrough and innovation are needed to solve the problems.

To the millionaires or billionaires who are spending unnecessary dollars on luxury stuff, they should invest in startups instead. People should be proud of funding a startup instead of owning a Lamborghini.

My future journey would begin with an exit of $150k in cash and form a tech lab which constantly builds tech products and grow the snowball way up to Unicorn level. The tech lab is a mixture of software outsourcing company and accelerator. It will constantly fund early stage idea to help it launch in market to gain traction to growth for million dollar valuation. The next step will be exit it with a huge pill of cash and the money will be further invest in multiple early stage ideas again. And there goes the snowball. I will call the tech lab as FREAK LAB in future. Because what it does is turn idea into reality rapidly and crazy enough to shock the world.

I’m a strong believer of sharing economy and I believe that talent could also be a commodity in a sharing economy. In Freak Lab, there will be several consulting team consist of 2-3 people each which startup teams. These consulting teams would be top-tier in their expertise area. In my mind, there would be 3 consulting teams: Growth, Engineering, Business Development. Growth consulting team would be consists of growth hacker, marketer and market expansion experts. Engineering consulting team would be consists of computer scientist, researchers, programming experts and data scientist. Business development team would be consist of business analyst, business researcher, lean startup practitioner and entrepreneur.

When a 2-person team come to Freak Lab work on an early-stage idea, the consulting teams will assist them along. Yes, you see it right! That’s how a startup should be. The startup don’t have enough expertise or capital to get a proper team with fully complimentary skill sets. Each startup spends lesser overhead, get the best help they ever had, the consulting team can keep improving internally as they have the chance to work on various ideas with same skill sets.

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